Glutathione + Collagen.
The power of whitening and anti- ageing in one capsule.

There is a never-ending quest for the latest high-end technology, skin whitening capsule, pill, cream, serum and potion that can fulfill the promise of true beauty and health. Millions of women globally spend billions each year, in trying to whiten their skin and delay the ever-ticking clock. The Health and Beauty industry is growing closer together than we ever thought possible. Beauty in a pill is becoming more than just a promise, but a common reality. Intelligent Skin Care Inc, and Dra. Vicki Belo now delivers beauty and health through ingestible products in addition to their growing lineup.

Dra. Vicki Belo has created and now launches Belo Essentials Nutraceuticals: Glutathione + Collagen, a first in a line of skin whitening beauty capsule and dietary supplements that are aimed to beautify - from within.

Nutraceuticals is a combined term for “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical,” these are supplements that enhance overall health and beauty from within the body, another first from Belo and a first in the country.

This ingestible product line comes on the heels of the highly successful skin care whitening line that Belo Essentials introduced to the market, with the day and night cream, lotion, toner, face wash and body bar. Each product has a distinct benefit to help achieve healthy, beautiful, smoother, fairer and radiantly whiter skin.
Dr. Belo Holding Gluta + collagen